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Vital absorption is designed to aid in essential digestive functions. Adequate hydrochloric acid is fundamental for digesting proteins and absorbing vitamins and minerals. Vital absorption supports gastric processes and the maintenance of acidic pH in the stomach.

Additional information

Additional Info

Vital Absorption™ is designed to support the gastric phase of digestion directly and provide a stimulus for the excretion of pancreatic digestive juices in the small intestine. Adequate hydrochloric acid is fundamental to healthy protein digestion, nutrient availability, and the maintenance of normal gastric flora. There is a natural decline in the ability to produce hydrochloric acid, especially after the age of 60. There appears to be an even greater decline in pepsin production related to normal aging. Support of natural gastric secretions and acidity helps support normal digestion, absorption, and immune health. Maintaining an acidic pH in the stomach helps support normal gastric and intestinal flora as well.

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180 capsules, 90 capsules

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