ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops


ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops is America’s best-selling trace mineral supplement and contains the most powerful, all-natural, pH-balancing trace minerals in the world. Harvested from the waters of the Great Salt Lake in Utah, it contains a full spectrum of naturally occurring ionic trace minerals.

• Supports healthy bones, joints, and teeth

• Promotes efficient hydration and restores electrolytes

• Supports energy and muscles

• Offers metabolic and mood support


Main Ingredient Benefit

Magnesium supports various bodily functions, including bone health, cardiovascular health, muscle function, energy production, and mental well-being.

Chloride is important for maintaining proper fluid balance, aiding in digestion, and supporting the function of muscles and nerves in the body.

Sodium is essential for maintaining fluid balance, nerve function, and muscle contractions in the body.

Potassium is crucial for maintaining healthy blood pressure, supporting proper muscle and nerve function, and promoting optimal heart health.


Other Ingredients

Concentrated seawater from Utah’s inland sea, USA.CERTIFIED VEGAN, NON-GMO.

Approved for use as an organic food additive and processing additive.

No Known Allergens.


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